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Have you ever heard Scripture’s truths but wondered where to find those truths in the Scriptures? Or have you ever wondered where to find evidence for belief in God in the Bible? You’re not alone. This 7-day devotional explores Jesus’ claims, his deity, and offers thoughts demonstrating that he is the Messiah by Lee Strobel, a former atheist. Devotional thoughts are drawn from Lee’s own experiences and feature a journalistic style from his days as an investigative reporter for the Chicago Tribune. This plan is perfect for those engaged in a thorough search for the truth to decide if Jesus was who he claimed to be.

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How Does Jesus Fulfill the Messianic Prophecy of the Servant Healer?

Matthew 12:15 – 21 quotes the prophecy of Isaiah 42:1 – 4, which states that the Messiah would, by God’s Spirit, tend to the weak with humility. In what ways does Jesus fulfill this prophecy?

Both Matthew and Isaiah depict a servant leader who would have the power to heal, but who would choose not to exercise his power to gain public recognition. Jesus quietly yet steadily proclaimed the arrival of the kingdom of God. In Matthew 12:16 Jesus asked those whom he cured not to tell others who he was. This is evidence of his humility and desire not to draw attention to himself.

The Messiah came to minister to the weak, which the bruised reed and smoldering wick poignantly symbolize. A bruised reed is fit only to be thrown away and a smoldering wick is to be trimmed or discarded. These images represent people rejected by others yet embraced by the Messiah. The Gospels record many instances of Jesus reaching out to those in low social standing who were at the mercy of those with power and wealth (see Matthew 11:28 – 30; Luke 7:36 – 50; John 8:1 – 11).

Jesus’ ministry to the sick and the weak and his demonstration of humility despite his great power fulfilled the prophecy in Isaiah 42. Matthew recognized this fulfillment and recorded Christ’s deeds for us to appraise today.

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The food line kept going and going. We had a new record of families getting food yesterday: 272 families and 1013 total # of people feed. We just had enough. Most of the clothes also went to those in need. Gary, our chief, cooked up a variety of hot food, especially the spaghetti. We want to thank all the workers. Also a big thanks to Monica from the convention center for giving us plastic bags on short notice. And of course, Von’s always comes through.

I hope you might have been listening to Big Bear’s radio station 94.5fm this morning at 8am. Many of you might have missed it. Gary Waskul from our church was sharing about our church pantry. Not only do we give out food, but Gary cooks up some good food in the mornings of Thursday. We also give out clothes for free. We also pray for any prayer request. We also share a devotional thought for those who want to hear it around 11:15am. We have also added an opportunity for those who play a guitar or some other instrument to come and play. Also we are opening up for those who are artists and would like to paint on a canvas they bring(especially something from the Bible would be nice). It is more than a pantry…it’s a place to be encouraged, get some grub, meet a friend, meet carrying people in a carrying church. We’ve had some come, not to get food, but just hang out, and get some encouragement,