Online Giving

Online Giving, Tithes And Donations

You may have heard our messages sharing our Online Giving tools with you. New things can often seem overwhelming. We get it. When something is working, we don’t like to change. But everything we bring into this building is here to help us collectively serve Him better, and this is no exception.

Here are a few benefits of Online Giving:

  • The ease of being able to sign up for, and to donate or pay for an event all in one place.
  • Even when you’re traveling or visiting family away from our four walls, our giving is with you through our website, the mobile giving the app, or through text messaging to continue to faithfully give.
  • We now even have the ability to set up recurring giving, meaning, you set the amount to want to donate to a certain fund, and it’s automatic each month.
  • You can login to you giving account and track your donations for the year. Use this for your taxes and set pledge goals for yourself.

You can download the easyTithe app in the Google Play Store and App Store. You can also text your donations to (909) 315-4783 or by visiting this link.

We welcome you to try our Online Giving resources and any questions you might have. Please contact the office or send us an email if you have any questions.