Daily Devotional: Awakening: I Have Decided – Day 1

Daily Devotional: Awakening: I Have Decided

Devotional Overview:

This 30 day devotional will awaken you to the reality and power of Jesus Christ so that you may arise and live a life worthy of your calling. This devotional is an overflow of Awakening Conference, where every year thousands of young people gather for His fame. This is your next step into knowing Christ, and becoming more like Him.

Key Scriptures:

  • Ephesians 5:14


Awake and Arise

“The child is not dead, but asleep.” Jesus spoke this phrase to a large crowd gathered to mourn the death of a young girl. When the crowd heard this phrase they mocked and laughed. To those in the crowd, death was final and there was no hope otherwise. But when Jesus shows up, death is not the end. When Jesus gets involved, eternal death may as well be temporary sleep. Jesus went into the little girls room, and brought her out of her sleep into life. Many in our time have also fallen into a deep sleep from which no one and nothing can rouse them. We need Jesus, the great awakener, to wake us from our slumber. In Him, we find our hope and our salvation.

Our nation is not dead, but asleep, and the great awakener is still working. He is calling us to wake from our sin, and arise into his glorious grace. That through our lives all may meet the One who gives life. As you go through this Crew, allow the Word of God to awaken you to the reality of Christ, that you may arise and do His work on the earth.

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