Daily Devotional: The Wisdom Of Proverbs – Day 15

Daily Devotional: The Wisdom Of Proverbs

Devotional Overview:

The Book of Proverbs claims that God’s own wisdom has been woven into the fabric of the universe, and you are invited to participate. What’s the wise choice when it comes to relationships and money and work, the stuff of day-to-day life? This 32-day plan will walk you through the Proverbs step by step as you train your heart to discern the wise way forward.

Key Scriptures:

  • Proverbs 14


“Chapter 14: Vice and Virtue”

Remember the two women from chapter 9, Lady Wisdom and Folly? Well, they’re back again in chapter 14. In fact, 14:1 is nearly identical to 9:1: Wisdom builds her house and lives upright, while Folly only destroys and wallows in the mess of her own making. How different can these women get? Who will you choose to follow?

Chapter 14 describes and shows us the great differences between these two ways of life using contrasting character traits:

  • Carefulness or Carelessness (verse 3,16)
  • Discernment or Deception (verse 8)
  • Integrity or Mockery (verse 9)
  • Thoughtfulness or Haste (verse 15)
  • Patience or Quick temperedness (verse 29)

Re-read this list of virtues and vices. Notice how one builds up, while the other tears down.

Which course will you take in life? Verses 26 and 27 emphasize the “fear of the Lord,” which puts a person on the right trajectory. This fear isn’t terror, but is instead a deep reverence that motivates right behavior even when it’s difficult. To live by the fear of the Lord is to have confidence, protection, life, and salvation.

What would it look like today for you to fear the Lord and choose Lady Wisdom?

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