Daily Devotional: The God-Shaped Heart – Day 6

Daily Devotional: The God-Shaped Heart

Devotional Overview:

Many of us have heart disease. We know about God’s love, yet often struggle to experience the fullness of that love. Many people are trapped in addiction, fear, and broken relationships. Why are our lives so often no different from people who don’t know God? Finding true freedom and health starts with knowing God’s love for you in both your head and your heart. Discover how to receive God’s love so completely that your life radiates his love for you and others.

Key Scriptures:

  • Psalms 51:10


A Softened Heart

God’s love is obstructed when we teach the imposed-law construct. Rather than being transformed, hearts are hardened by legal theologies. Consider the example of trying to evangelize a heroin addict who has been using dirty needles and now suffers from endocarditis (infection of the heart). He has broken both types of law: the laws of health (design law) and the laws of the land (imposed human law). 

Does this addict want to be taken before a judge, have his misdeeds presented to the court, and sentence imposed? Most likely not. In fact, won’t the addict seek a representative to stand between him and the judge to “cover” over his “sins,” while seeking to influence the court to be merciful? 

Or does this same individual, strung out, sick, and feverish, want to go before a doctor and have his misdeeds presented to him? The doctor would investigate much more thoroughly than the judge. The doctor would penetrate deeply within the hidden recesses of his being with ultrasounds, lab tests, X-rays, and MRIs, searching out every possible defect—and for what purpose? To heal and restore! Does this addict want the doctor to search and see all his defects and then render “judgment,” what we call a diagnosis, and then pronounce “sentence,” what we call a therapeutic treatment plan? Absolutely! 

When we accept the lie about God’s law and present him as the supreme judge, investigating records to pronounce legal findings and impose just punishments, we obstruct sinners from coming to God. We must come back to the truth about God. He is our Creator, the designer, and his laws are the protocols on which reality is constructed. He is constantly seeking to heal and restore every defect in those who trust him. When we trust him, then we will pray like David for a pure heart and a steadfast spirit.

This is the new covenant—having God’s law of love written on the heart. Ritual doesn’t matter, denominational affiliation doesn’t matter, legal accounting doesn’t matter. What matters? Love—transforming love that reshapes the heart, that casts out fear, that overwrites selfishness, that overcomes survival instincts, and that bridges the gulf between heaven and earth and connects us again to our Father of love! 


How would your day today look different if you truly believed God loves you?

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