Daily Devotional – 7-Day Reset With Jesus: Day 6

Daily Devotional - 7-Day Reset With Jesus

Devotional Overview:

Join hundreds of thousands around the country in engaging Scripture. Together we’ll learn the importance of spending time with Jesus, experiencing the truth that Jesus changes everything. In Jesus we are reset.

Key Scriptures:

  • Matthew 6:5-15
  • Psalms 139:23-24


Jesus in Prayer

Yesterday we saw that nothing is more important than spending time with Jesus. Today I want to highlight the power of prayer in this relationship.

Many know the Lord’s Prayer by memory, but it can become flat and lifeless if we recite it as simply words. Yet this prayer was meant to model to us what honest, open communication with God can look like. The book of Psalms is filled with examples of this kind of prayer: raw, real, honest.

Rather than being our own personal genie, God is much more like a true friend. He’s someone we can come to when we’re happy or when we need to vent—and He welcomes us either way.

In Matthew 6, Jesus invites us to close out the noise and busyness of our lives to hear His voice. This is what prayer is all about. Prayer centers us with God. Not only can we share our joys and cares, but we can ask God for His. Prayer enables us to surrender, asking Him to reset our lives to look like Jesus.

Take time right now to pray “The Lord’s Prayer” as Jesus outlines in Matthew 6. Make the words into an expression of your own. Tell God what’s on your heart, and ask Him to make you more like Jesus.

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