Daily Devotional – 7-Day Reset With Jesus: Day 4

Daily Devotional - 7-Day Reset With Jesus

Devotional Overview:

Join hundreds of thousands around the country in engaging Scripture. Together we’ll learn the importance of spending time with Jesus, experiencing the truth that Jesus changes everything. In Jesus we are reset.

Key Scriptures:

  • John 17:20-23
  • Acts 2:42-47


Jesus in Community

As individuals made in God’s image, we were made for community. This longing is at the heart of God and is evident from the moment of creation in Genesis 1.

Jesus modeled a life built on a relationship with God while also being surrounded by community. This community learned, struggled, and ultimately grew closer to God together. Later on, this group took on the name the Church.

Many people have had bad experiences with the Church, but if Jesus died for us, then we should love each other like He loved us (1 John 3:16). Church is meant to be a place of safety to share victories and struggles. We were meant to know Jesus together.

If you need a place to connect, check out faithstreet.com/search. We are in this together!

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