Daily Devotional – Romans 8 – Move From Condemned To Convinced: Day 2

Daily Devotional - Romans 8 - Move From Condemned To Convinced

Devotional Overview:

Christians often feel lacking, insufficient, and second-class. In a word, we feel condemned. This is because, even without noticing it, we are basing our salvation on how well we are performing as Christians. In this short meditation of Romans 8, you will learn how God wants to move you from feeling condemned to feeling convinced that nothing can separate you from the love of God.

Key Scriptures:

  • Romans 8


The If's of Romans 8

How you feel about your relationship with God is directly dependent on who you think you are. Think about it. You already know that God is big, powerful, perfect, and just. So how can you relate to a being like that?

When we start to think that our relationship with this huge God is based on our worth and how good we are, condemnation will get a major foothold. However, if we can see our identity in Christ, our entire relationship with God will change.

Today you will read through Romans 8 again. Before you do, however, I want you to get a grasp of the chapter's layout.

Paul is making an argument against your condemnation and for your conviction throughout this text. The point of the argument is to bring about your assurance of salvation. The argument can be stated in three “if, then” statements:

    1. If Jesus was raised from the dead, then you can be adopted (14-16).
    2. If you have been adopted, then you have an inheritance (17).
    3. If you have an inheritance, then you have assurance (18-39).

Paul is trying to get you to see who you are in Christ. You are adopted by Jesus. Because of that adoption you have an inheritance. Because of that inheritance you have assurance.

Watch this introductory video which begins to unpack these three points. Then spend some time in Romans 8, trying to trace this argument through.

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