Daily Devotional: Epic Fails – Day 9

Daily Devotional: Epic Fails

Daily Devotional Overview:

This 14-day reading plan explores the stories of men and women of the Bible who messed up big time, but people that God still chose to use for His purposes. Learn from some of the Bible’s heaviest hitters while being encouraged in your own walk with God.Daily Devotional: Epic Fails – Day 3

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Do you ever look at some people’s lives–a co-worker, family member, neighbor–and convince yourself their grass is greener? You witness God’s blessings on their life, marriage, family, and job, all the while wishing you could have the same favor. I can’t help but think many people looked at Job and used to have these same thoughts.

Job had it all: the large family, comfortable lifestyle, cushy bank account, respect in the community. In the very first verse of Job we learn so much about his character.

“There was a man in the land of Uz whose name was Job, and that man was blameless and upright, one who feared God and turned away from evil.”

Job was blessed because his heart was in the right place–focused on God. He was a man known for his character and passion for God, even when no one was looking.

Most of us know the story of Job and the long-suffering he endured. As it goes, Satan was at the throne of God and God points out the character of Job. It’s incredible to read how God pointed out this man and yet sad to hear true commitment to God was so rare. Satan comes back and says that of course Job is upright because he hasn’t had to suffer. So God allows Satan to test Job, to in fact prove his commitment to God, up to the point of death. So Satan goes to work.
Satan takes away all of Job’s property and children; that would be devastating to anyone and certainly push many of us to the brink. But Job holds firm to God in the darkest of hours. It doesn’t stop there either; Satan then proceeds to do the worst he can to Job physically, so he covers Job in very painful boils all over his body. I cringe when I read that he uses broken pottery to scrape at the sores.

Job would be in this dark place for a while and people would try to discourage him along the way. His wife tells him to curse God. His friends tell him there must be some sin in his life to experience such turmoil. For much of the trial Job tries with all his might to hold true to God. But as many of us have done, we’ve broken under the weight of our trial.

Job has a breaking point and he calls God out, asking for an opportunity in court to take up his cause, because he felt God had dealt with him unjustly. God goes into this eloquent comeback that how could Job be His equal in court if he cannot comprehend all that God has done. Job realizes his sin and repents with great conviction.

You and I don’t and won’t have all the answers. You will go through seasons or experience situations you don’t understand in that moment so your faith will be required of you. When understanding runs out, faith makes its greatest appearance. Take what you know about God–that He is always good, that He has a bigger plan in the works, that He loves you–and rest in that knowledge. It doesn’t mean things will immediately get better, but it will carry you through the trial.

Job was upright and passionate about God, but he still had so much he could learn and greater intimacy to experience. He found that in the storm. And when he came out of that storm, God blessed Job more than ever before.

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