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Pastors Corner: Turn to Christ Jesus or leftist and evil?

Pastors Corner

Turn to Christ Jesus or leftist and evil?

In this Pastors Corner segment, I wanted to bring up the fact that we are coming to a point of decision in this nation: USA… Will we turn to Christ Jesus or leftist and evil? On November 4th, 20 cities will be protesting against our president, and I am sure there will be violence against anyone speaking for the present president.

They have vowed to continue to protest until President Trump is impeached. I am praying that there would be a unity in our nation for righteousness. But I know that the Lord will protect those who are godly. There some in this nation that wants to strip it of all freedom of religion and the freedom of speech. They also want to divide this nation and destroy it.

But we as Christians cannot sit by idolly and pray, and not live our Christianity. Let’s be like Daniel who prayed every day for the people of God, and for having a nation that will do what is right.